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Monte da Ravasqueira welcomes Grupo José de Mello’s Volunteers Day

September 2017

Harvests and get-together were the motto of José de Mello Group’s 2017 Volunteers Day, which took place on the 15th of September at Monte da Ravasqueira, in the Alentejo.

For the sixth consecutive year, as tradition dictates, over 100 volunteers from the different companies of the José de Mello Group who do volunteer work in the nine partner institutions of the Volunteer Programme, got together to share experiences and knowledge, in a unique scenario of a “monte alentejano”.

Employees of the different platforms of the José de Mello Group gathered at Monte da Ravasqueira had the opportunity to contribute to the success of one of the most prestigious Portuguese wines, picking grapes and visiting the cellar.


After visiting the cellar and while waiting for lunch and a well-deserved rest, they enjoyed the performance of the Choral Group of Monte da Ravasqueira. Finally, at the end of

the day, there was still time to hear a few interventions, which viewed to make the stock of the situation of the Volunteer Programme and inform about the results of the satisfaction surveys made to volunteers and partner institutions.


Participants in this Volunteer Day did not forget to bring basic necessities for the Social Centre of Arraiolos, in a gesture of solidarity to those in need.  


Visitors were received and welcomed by Pedro de Mello, vice-chairman of the José de Mello Group, who pointed out the importance of this event and praised all employees who with effort and dedication, provide help to nine social welfare institutions and ensure the success of the Volunteer Programme.