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April 2017

The CUF Leaders programme completed another cycle, with a work meeting opened by João de Mello, Chairman of the Board of Directors.  The 3-hour event was held at the Municipal Library of Estarreja.

This programme, which was conceived by CUF’s human resources Department, in partnership with the Faculty of Psychology of Oporto, took up the challenge of developing leaderships at the different levels of the organisation, based on the identification and implementation of appropriate strategies to the actual working environment and the activity performed by each leader.


The purpose of the programme is to equip attending CUF leaders from different levels of the organisation, with specific leading tools, identified and developed “inside out”, with which they will be capable of transforming people and teams. Additionally, the project views to contribute decisively and efficiently to the rejuvenation of the company and the internal transfer of skills.


This meeting, which was attended by all CUF leaders, was marked by the intervention of the representatives of the Faculty of Psychology of Oporto, who briefed on the main results already achieved with the programme. Two short films relating to the subject were exhibited, and a roundtable discussion was held on the subject “Lead at CUF”, to which employees  Micaela Cabral, David Lopes, Luis Almeida, Manuel Martins were invited, and where the sharing of different points of view popped up naturally, from both the stage and the audience.