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March 2018

CUF and the other chemical companies behind PACOPAR – Air Liquide, AQP, CIRES and Dow Portugal – have provided financial support in excess of 38,000 euros to help carry out eight projects in Estarreja.

These grants, delivered by the Community Advisory Panel on the Responsible Action Programme of Estarreja (PACOPAR), will assist schools, social services institutions, firefighters and non-governmental environmental organizations. “The projects thus supported are in accord with the sustainability objectives of these companies and will have a positive impact on the recipient institutions. As we have said in the past, this donation programme aims to promote actions and initiatives in the community, that include aspects of scientific and social innovation, research, resource rationalization and the promotion of sustainability, in its various guises, with the ultimate aim of improving the quality of life in Estarreja. The objective is that, over time, entities will move towards self-sustaining management”, said Sandra Martins, PACOPAR acting Secretary-General and Dow Portugal’s General Manager.


These donations are part of PACOPAR's annual financial support program, promoted by the chemical companies that participate in the Panel, whose main purpose is to help implement non-profit projects, contributing to the improvement of the quality of life in the Estarreja community, as well as the development of responsible environmental attitudes.


The beneficiaries this year were the Pardilhó Schools’ Group, the Estarreja Solidarity Association, the Estarreja Volunteer Firefighters, the Parish and Social Centre of Santa Marinha de Avanca, Cerciesta, the Quinta do Rezende Association, Vieira’s Solidarity Philanthropic Association and the Portuguese Wildflife Association.