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January 2018

In November 2017 CUF adhered to The Charter of Principles of the BCSD Portugal - Business Council for Sustainable Development, of which it was co-founder in 2001. BCSD is a non-profit association of public interest, with more than 90 members including the major national companies, which are actively committed to Sustainability.

One of the projects led by BCSD, with the active participation of CUF, aims to extend the commitment of Sustainability to companies in the value chain of its members, supporting and capacitating them for the future in the scope of areas integrated in Sustainability.


In this sense, and as a first step towards these project’s objectives, The Charter of Principles of the BCSD Portugal was created to establish the fundamental principles of Sustainability for good business management. Voluntary underwriters of the Charter adopt the principles for themselves and seek to extend the underwriting of the Charter to entities in their value chain within their sphere of influence, particularly in what regards clients and suppliers.


The joint underwriting by several companies of The Charter of Principles of the BCSD Portugal was an important first step and now new stages are foreseen for the actual implementation of the principles set out in said Charter. CUF, believing in the merit and relevance of this project at national level, will remain committed with its active support.


More information concerning the Charter of Principles is available on the BCSD Portugal website, through the link