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Biocidal products discussed at CUF

November 2017

CUF organised a conference to discuss the Biocidal Products Regulation and the legal obligations relating to the marketing and use of biocidal products. The event took place on the 12th of October, in the auditorium of Estarreja EcoPark


As leading producer of chloro-alkali products in Iberia, CUF promoted this conference to raise clients and respective supply chain awareness to the Biocidal Products Regulation and the legal requirements relating to the use of sodium hypochlorite-based biocidal products.   


The conference, which was led by CUF’s team responsible for REACH and BPR, involved a large number of participants, from clients to offical health authorities, specifically the Directorate-General for Health and the Directorate-General for Veterinary, represented respectively by Cesaltina Ramos and Inês Almeida, who shared the terms, requirements and rules to be complied with during the interim period and under BPR (Biocidal Product Regulation).


Other contributors to the initiative were Ana Couras, from FIOVDE an Association, who spoke about the impact of the regulation on the supply chain, and  Elsa Casimiro, from INFOTOX , who introduced the consultancy services company, which will provide support to companies viewing compliance with these legal obligations.

As from the 1st of January 2019, the biocidal use of sodium hypochlorite will require prior approval, namely: human hygiene products PT1, Disinfectants PT2 used in the private and in public health spheres, biocidal products PT3 used in veterinaly hygiene, Desinfectants TP4 for surfaces in contact with foodstuff and feed and Desifectants TP5 for drinking water. 


At the end of the day, many doubts had been clarified and experiences shared. Above all, CUF conference was worthwhile,  as all stakeholders converged with a responsible and proactive stance to make the sodium hypochlorite market increasingly sustainable.