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July 2015

Have you ever asked yourself where the chlorine that’s used in swimming pools comes from? Or why we can drink our drinking water? Or maybe you’ve wondered what the chemical substances are that make up paracetamol and kill our pain? 

In all of these everyday situations, chemistry and CUF are there, guaranteeing the quality and standard of living in our modern societies.


The importance of Companhia União Fabril is not something new. Founded in 1865 by the Portuguese industrialist Alfredo da Silva, CUF contributed decisively to the development of Portugal. This was so true that the company’s motto became: "What the country doesn’t have, CUF creates.”


But CUF isn’t just about making chemical products that are essential to our dayto-day lives. It also does research and invests in nanotechnology and materials of the future.


At CUF, the future happens every day, and we want to share it with you. Because there’s a Chemistry bonding us.