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June 2017

At CUF, sustainability is continuously present.

Sustainability has always been part of the company’s everyday life. It was always felt as a current theme. It is embedded in the spirit of everyone who works at CUF.
CUF’s plants at Estarreja produce chemicals which are indispensable to modern societies.
From aniline, used to produce MDI and in the rubber industry, to nitric acid, used in the animal feed industry, or nitrobenzene, extremely useful in the pharmaceutical industry, or chlorine and its by-products, used to purify drinking water.
At CUF, sustainability gains added visibility in every aspect of our operations, and in the values that guide us everyday. Innovation is one such aspects. It is embedded in the Company’s DNA. Thanks to innovation, CUF now owns proprietary technology for the production of aniline and nanostructured ceramics, with a portfolio of 12 patent families.
In the sphere of logistics and the handling of its products, CUF relies heavily on environmental and economic effectiveness.
And, as organisations are made of people, CUF wants motivated and happy employees. Our ambition is to be one of the best industrial companies to work in.
Key indicators clearly translate the results achieved. Energy consumption is declining every year; the same happens with the usage of several raw materials.
At the economic performance level, indicators are also positive. Cumulative economic value increased to €29 million in 2016 and EBITDA improved by 2%, achieving a margin of 13%.
Another commitment which CUF has always embraced is with its surrounding communities.
As member of the World's Chemical Industry’s Responsible Care® programme, CUF is proud to have founded PACOPAR – the Community Advisory Panel on the Responsible Action Programme in Estarreja. The merit of this initiative is visible in the first prize recently awarded by CEFIC.
PACOPAR’s activity has a strong impact on the local community and sponsors over a dozen projects every year. However, CUF social engagement doesn’t end here.
CUF directly sponsors several local associations developing work of recognised merit. In 2016, for instance, it sponsored several young water sports athletes.
CUF sponsors the Sea Life Rescue Centre of the University of Aveiro, supplying products such as hypochlorite, thus contributing to save different endangered species.
CUF believes that Chemistry and Science are crucial for the advancement of society. We believe that their development will provide solutions to the big issues which presently affect the Planet and Humanity.
This is why at CUF we say that “There is a Chemistry bonding us”.