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One Man, One Work

June 2015

In 1971, the life of the CUF founder, Alfredo da Silva, was taken to the big screen.

The person responsible for this documentary was the director Alfredo Tropa, who became the RTP Archive and Documentation Director.

The filmmaker Alfredo Tropa, born in Porto, started in the cinema in 1960. He studied in Paris and graduated in Direction. At the beginning of his professional career, he was an assistant to Paulo Rocha and to Fernando Lopes – two big names in the Portuguese cinema. In 1968 he joined RTP, where he established a long and fruitful career. The title “One Man, One Work” was produced by Fernando de Almeida. The original film was restored by the National Archives of Moving Pictures (ANIM), with the financial support of CUF.

A filmed biography of Alfredo da Silva, directed in 1971 by Alfredo Tropa.