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CUF’s aim for logistics

January 2017

For a chemical company of international size such as CUF, logistics is a key side of its activity.

CUF decided to invest in a storage park in Aveiro Harbour (centre of Portugal) to make it easier to receive the raw materials it needs for its products, and to subsequently export to the whole world.


The park was built in the fifties, it was acquired in 2010 and it is run by SGPAMAG, a subsidiary of CUF.


To ensure safety and quality CUF immediately invested in the renovation of the park, particularly of its tanks. The park has the most advanced conditions, including a state of the art fire fighting system.


The wharf associated to this storage park allows the docking of vessels up to 110m long and with a seven metres draught. Tonnes of products coming to or leaving CUF’s Estarreja Chemical Complex pass through here.  


Benzene, which is a key raw material as far as CUF is concerned, is unloaded to the existing tanks. There are three tanks with a capacity of three thousand tonnes each. The product then travels to Estarreja by road.


Aniline, nitrobenzene and caustic soda follow the opposite route. Produced at CUF plants, these chemical products arrive at SGPAMAG in tanker trucks and are stored in dedicated tanks of 1750 to 2750 tonnes.


These CUF facilities receives vessels  from all parts of the world : Middle East, North Africa or Northern Europe. They then leave to Northern Europe loaded with crucial chemicals for our lives.


This is why at CUF we say that “There is a Chemistry Bonding Us”.