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June 2017

The gathering of ideas at CUF, is materialized into Colombo, which arises as a way to involve all of the organization’s employees in the process of innovation and continuous improvement – acknowledging and awarding the best suggestions. 


Sometimes, the situations are almost trivial, adversities that will cause inconvenience when they occur. Other times, they are significant problems that, if to occur, will trigger increases in costs and labor hours. On occasion, it can be distresses that delay the production processes.


But, for all setbacks, there is a solution. A winning idea. A proposal for solving or a suggestion for improvement. It is because they believe in that, that CUF’s employees strongly commit to Colombo – a platform for idea generation for all the organization.


And because CUF is synonym for industry, it is no surprise that the majority of the ideas are related with improvements at production unit level, their operability, efficiency and cost reduction, industrial security and environment, but also some of a social nature. 
In the past ten years, in the companies that currently incorporate CUF, there were 375 ideas submitted into Colombo – from which 90 were implemented. A very successful story!