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Salt That springs from Earth

March 2017

At present RENOESTE produces around 70 thousand tons per year of crystalized salt and liquid salt, namely, two thirds of the salt used in the CUF factories at the Estarreja chemical plant is used for the production of soda and chlorine.

On the outskirts of Pombal, RENOESTE is located on a “salt dome”, in other words on a large rock salt reserve. At the end of the nineties, Transgas chose this location, due to the plastic features of the “salt dome” and the safety conditions there offered, to construct the natural gas storage caves.


The availability of brine and the existence of natural gas at this location created the conditions for the birth of a new salt production project. Later, Galp installed a high energy efficiency cogeneration unit. Using part of the brine extracted by Transgas and the heat of the cogeneration unit, Renoeste recrystallizes the salt through thermal methods, producing a highly pure salt to supply the CUF factories in Estarreja.