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September 2017

On September 7, the mayor of Estarreja and the manager of the Tagus Bay business park visited CUF’s new salt warehouse and the recently refurbished dining/living room

Jacinto Pereira, Chairman of the Board of Baía do Tejo, and Diamantino Sabina, Mayor of Estarreja visited some of CUF’s facilities. They were guided by João Fugas, CUF deputy director, and were particularly interested in visiting two new facilities.


The new salt warehouse – na over €300 thousand investment carried out by Baía do Tejo and now leased to CUF, has a total capacity of 14 thousand tons. It was full of salt on the day of the visit. “This shows the strategic importance which this infrastructure represents for CUF’s activity, since salt is the core raw-material used in our chlorine production” said João Fugas.


Former canteen facilities of Parque Empresarial da Baía do Tejo, which were recently refurbished by CUF, were also visited. The old canteen is now a brand-new dining room for CUF employees with 58 seats, plus a living room equipped with sofas, tables, a coffee machine, kitchen support, fridge, microwaves and cupboards.


According CUF’s director, “this space was designed to meet expectations, but above all improve the well-being of our employees”.