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July 2017

CUF renovated the former canteen facilities of Baía do Tejo Park into a modern dining & living room for CUF employees.


At the end of June CUF inaugurated a new dining and living room where its employees can have their meals, drink a coffee and relax.


This new equipment occupying part of the former canteen of Baía do Tejo park in Estarreja is now totally anew: a dining room with 58 seats, a living room equipped with sofas, tables, a coffee machine, kitchen support, fridge, microwaves and cupboards.


According to the Human Resources team, “this space was designed to meet expectations, but above all improve the well-being of CUF employees. Our ambition is to contribute to strengthen the company's identity and culture”.


The inauguration of the new facilities was a great success. Employees, including members of CUF Executive Board and heads of departments lunched and took a break in the new dining / living room.