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Colombo assesses the ideas of 2016

June 2017

The Colombo Open Day held on the end of May at the auditorium of Estarreja’s Ecopark awarded prizes to the more relevant ideas presented via the Colombo platform.

        André Rafael Oliveira, cargo-handling operator at SGPAMAG, could not believe his ears when he heard CUF’s Chairman call his name to award him the first prize: a car.

        His idea, which he named “Anti-Seagull Device”, was surprising for its simplicity. The issue was dealing with the large number of seagulls flying over the pipeline of the bridge pier, contaminating everything with detritus and litter. In addition to the negative image, the detritus often damage the tires of bicycles and forklifts used at the site.

        The solution, which had naturally to preserve the birds, was simple and ingenious: deploy metallic cables over the whole pipeline. As underlined by André Rafael Oliveira during the presentation of his idea, men and seagulls can thus co-exist peacefully, each in their own place.

        The second prize - a shopping voucher in the amount of one thousand Euro was awarded to José Bento for his idea “Filling Hoses” - consisting in placing bleeding valves at the end of the filling hoses on the  CHA, CHOL and Aniline loading ramps, in order to reduce risks for operators and facilitate handling.

        The third prize was awarded to two ideas: “Draft Printer” submitted by Elsa Rocha and “C602C/D Compressors”, presented by Carlos Oliveira and José Bento. The prize awarded to these two ideas was a shopping voucher of one thousand Euro.

The Chairman of CUF, João de Mello opened this Colombo Open Day, stressing the importance of participation in this platform of ideas. The Colombo Coordinator, Sebastião Mourinho,  then took the floor to present the new functionalities of the website.

      Other novelties were presented during this Open Day. Francisco Gonçalves Pereira, of the José de Mello Group introduced the innovation program Grow, which views to strengthen the link to the ecosystem of startups, supporting and boosting the development of projects in the different business areas of the Group.

        Finally, before the final award of the prizes, as Luísa Costa (from the “Elephant in the Living-room”) drew the graphic panel of the session, Pedro Portela elaborated on “Innovation on the Threshold of Chaos”.