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Chemical companies sponsor 12 projects in Estarreja

April 2017

On March 22, CUF and remaining PACOPAR members granted financial aid in the amount of Euro 38 500 to back 12 social projects in Estarreja.



This funding is part of PACOPAR’s annual financial aid, intended to help schools, IPSSs (social welfare institutions) and public entities to implement projects which view to improve several social intervention areas in Estarreja.


PACOPAR companies will help to implement a pilot project based on a new learning paradigm: to equip a library for pupils with special needs, support social housing projects, adapt emergency vehicles, improve the safety of facilities and vehicles directed to seniors and children, support the provision of continued health care and deploy new energy sustainable equipment in sports facilities.


Entities receiving aid this year were: schools of Estarreja and Pardilhó, Solidariedade Estarrejense, the Fire Brigade of Estarreja, o the social centres of parishes of São Tomé de Canelas, Pardilhó, S. Miguel de Fermelã, Cerciesta, the Municipality of Estarreja, Conferência Vicentina São Martinho de Salreu, Saavedra Guedes and Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Estarreja.


PACOPAR’s financial aid is provided by Estarreja Chemical Complex Companies (specifically CUF, Air Liquide, AQP - Aliada Química de Portugal, CIRES and Dow Portugal), viewing to help the implementation of non profit making projects to improve the quality of life of the people of Estarreja.


In order to achieve this goal in a more efficient and structured way, PACOPAR’s chemical companies want to favour projects with a social, education, scientific and environmental aim, i.e. projects that may contribute in a structured and integrated way to local and global sustainability.