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Session on "Lessons Learned on the Management of R&D and Innovation Projects"

January 2018

On November 24th, 2017, the third session under the theme "Lessons learned in Management of R&D and Innovation Projects" took place at EcoParque, Estarreja.

The session aimed to share best practices in the management of R&D and Innovation projects, as well as present internal projects of this nature, focusing on the positive and negative factors of its management, the mistakes to avoid and the knowledge created. The importance of discussing, describing and sharing this lessons at the end of the R&D and Innovation projects was also debated.


The session included the presence of three external speakers from Deloitte, Marcos Bendrao, Diogo Henriques and Hugo Oliveira, who shared some projects from Deloitte and the way to impart agile management methodologies to Innovation projects.


The session continued with the presentation of some case studies from CUF, such as “Centrifuge of Heavy Effluent of Aniline Plant”, “Additional Elements for Electrolysis and new Hypochlorite Storage Unit”, “From product development (zirconium oxide) to increase of production capacity” and “Adoption of Office 365 and Collaboration Tools”.


The event promoted sharing and discussion around case studies, emphasizing on the importance of adopting the best practices in the management of R&D and Innovation projects.