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February 2018

On January 31, CUF hosted a visit from final year students of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry from the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU Eindhoven), in the Netherlands.

This visit was organized by the Chemical Engineering Department’s students’ union (JAPIE – T.S.V. 'Jan Pieter Minckelers'), which annually organizes such actions in different parts of the world, enabling contact with other industrial realities and experiences.


During the visit to CUF's manufacturing facilities, nearly 30 students were welcomed by Paulo Araújo and Jorge Prior, who, after a presentation about the company, the Group and the obligatory safety instructions, went on to lead a visit to the chlor-alkali production unit.


During the tour, both technical processes and equipment, those not subject to confidentiality, were presented. This entailed some previous preparation, in accord with the department that oversees our Intellectual Property Protection.


Throughout, the students showed a lot of interest, particularly in CUF’s options for development. Afterwards, as a token of their recognition, the students presented CUF with a wooden memento bearing the symbol of their union.